A Simple Case For The Mural Artist & The Small Business

There are many ways to give your business a little kick in the right direction, there is an intrinsic and encouraging trend presenting itself in recent years – the employment of a mural artist. While this may seem like a farfetched notion, it is anything but. In the world of social media posting and an ever-present desire to be ahead of the pack or separated from them entirely – it makes perfect sense to see the masterful artistry of a mural artist as a feasible method of driving business, interest, and general good vibes for the physical and social world.

While the days of the humble mural artist appeared to be behind us, recent years have showcased a growing need to break away from the status quo and give physical spaces a breath of fresh colourful air that is seeing the demand for artistry rise steadily and with no sign of slowing down. Small businesses and even office spaces have begun reaching out in an attempt to find a mural artist that can give their working space or exterior a sense of identity, beauty, and mystery.

This article will go over some of the reasons and examples of a mural artist bringing a healthy and wholesome vibe to small businesses and even homes – re-enforcing their role in modern society.

The Trend Of The Mural Artist

A mural artist case

There seems to be a telltale sign that a mural artist has been around the area you frequent. Whether it be the area itself and its socio-economic status, the lifting of drab colourless walls to make way for a more communal and colourful vibe, your local café that has a strange new portrait painted on the walls and changing the vibe entirely.

Throughout the late 90s and early 2000’s there seemed to be an obsession with uniformity and structure in the way we decorated and kept our workplaces and homes – the wild-eyes antics of the previous century were being left aside in favour of clear-cut ideologies and structural thinking. The work of a mural artist was relegated to the occasional street art example and little else, but then a funny thing happened.

Funnily enough a small company called Facebook entered the conversation with their groundbreaking innovative social media platform that has changed the world – for better or worse. However, as they entered their larger offices, the powers that be decided to employ the artistry of a mural artist to give their office space a little flair, a little pizzaz, and its own identity.

The risk paid off in spades with the resulting artwork becoming the talk of Palo Alto, and the creator becoming an overnight sensation. While Facebook is anything but a small company, the notion of using a mural artist to give their office an identity was a trend that many have followed since.

The Undying Art

This newfound painting renaissance that we find ourselves in is not slowing down it seems. More and more small businesses are making a tremendous online impact with the works of art they have displayed and sprawled on their offices and exteriors.

The virality of having a work of art that is somewhat connected to a business is now worth its weight in gold with visual media overtaking any other form in terms of shareability. Even graffiti aficionados are trying their hand at becoming a modern mural artist that has seen their once illegal practice be turned into a worldwide celebration of artistry and creativity.

A small business can do almost anything for notoriety – so why not take advantage of the new renaissance and give your brand an identity.

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