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Young students and emerging professionals at high school and university will have a series of different options that will be on the table.

What can appear as a daunting prospect to dive head first into a new career will end up being the first of many steps.

In many respects, it can be just as valuable to understand what path not to take as the one that you end up taking.

For technology-savvy individuals who see a future in this industry, information technology internships are provided to give these talents a chance to encounter real life experience.

But what about the suitability requirements that are needed with a role like this?

What personality traits, assets and circumstantial facts about someone’s profile will make them perfect for an entry level position for an IT firm?

In this setting we will open a discussion involving these points as parents, guardians, friends and peers encourage you to take certain options.

Set those aside for one moment and gauge these topics for yourself.


Applying For The Internship

The application phase alone can create a degree of angst, confusion and testing of patience as applicants invest their faith in an organisation they may have little information about. Information technology internships are issued by companies who wish to entice the next generation of experts into the fold, gauging which individuals have the expertise and acumen to carry out the tasks and the temperament and drive to reach leadership positions. Throwing your name into the hat against dozens, hundreds or thousands of aspiring IT professionals can be an early test for teenagers and young 20-somethings. Do not feel deterred by a single rejection because the possibilities in this industry are seemingly endless.


Supporting Your Income

There will be information technology internships that are generally offered in one of three formats from a financial point of view:

  • Unpaid
  • Covering basic costs including travel
  • Low/entry level wage

Those that are unpaid have to follow stringent guidelines that are imposed by the government, ensuring that workers are not exploited beyond a certain time frame. For the sake of protecting your income, it is important to gauge what the policy is with the internship on their wage structure to give particular guarantees. Young professionals in this environment can compliment their employment in this field with additional jobs, study or various subsidies through public programs.


Learning On The Job Pro’s and Con’s

The positives and negatives that are gleaned from information technology internships will be an education all unto itself. Learning the theory of IT with textbooks and instructional lessons will be a great platform to begin with, but picking up interpersonal skills, understanding of departments and teams, and interpreting the time pressures and expertise that is necessary to excel in the industry will prove to be the real value. There could be individuals who experience setbacks and hurdles that you can note, or recognize that company change needs to take place. Students can study endlessly about the machinations of IT jobs, but it is only through an internship that tangible experiences are earned.




Making IT Industry Contacts

Information technology internships are fertile ground for employees of all backgrounds to make long lasting connections. Networking is one of the inherent benefits that defines this practice, extending beyond short-term pay and having a company name on the resume. Barely a handful of successful applicants will have any IT contacts to call upon, and these individuals at lower, middle and higher levels can be utilized as personal sounding boards and references for future positions. Pick their brain about their opinions and experiences, because you can quickly test the temperature about team culture, group dynamics, expectations and plenty more.


Long-Term Job Security

In the digital age, IT could not be a more suitable industry for an emerging professional. Information technology internships are a gateway for individuals to be in positions that essentially oversee the entire framework and processes of a business. From email procedure to data storage, document processing, internet and smartphone connection, communication between departments, website development and social media – anything that involves a computer, phone or piece of digital technology requires an expert in this field. This will see designers, analysts, developers and engineers come into the fold. 15 years ago this would be a niche position. Today in 2018 and beyond for the foreseeable future, it is mandatory across all commercial sectors. That is the definition of long-term job security and an illustration why information technology internships are so popular.



Only you can know for sure through experience and instinct if an application for information technology internships is the right path to take. Fortunately the short-term nature of these programs allows you to test the waters. If it works out – fantastic. What a wonderful opportunity that has presented itself as you earn an important first step. If it does not work out, that is fine as well. The tenure was limited to a few weeks and you can progress with another career opportunity. See what there is out there in the market and speak to those who have been through the system before making a decision.


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