Every Major Type of Alternative Health Service

There has been a huge surge in demand for alternative medicine in recent years as people are getting more and more in touch with natural healing methods. An alternative health service is the collection of treatments that are used for different types of problems by using natural methods instead of what we are used to in traditional medicine. Knowing what they are and how each can help you is important if you want to have access to multiple healing methods. We are sharing a list of all the popular and established techniques that can gain different health benefits.


This is probably the most popular alternative health service you can find out there, even in many western countries. Originally formed in ancient China, this technique involves using sterile needles to perform different therapeutic procedures. The purpose of this treatment is to correct the flow of an energy force called qi (pronounced “chi”) in our body. The needles are pierced into the body at different strategic points depending on the problem being solved and the result is a natural recovery. Typically, you can find it being used to solve problems like back and neck pain, anxiety, nausea, depression, infertility, insomnia, and more.

Chiropractic Services

This is also a hugely popular alternative health service that focuses primarily on solving physical ailments through special adjustment techniques. The key focus of chiropractic services is the spine and its functionality with relevance to other body parts. Of course, experienced chiropractors can help solve problems related to other body parts as well. The connection to the spine remains intact, though as the target is to align the body to the spine itself. You can see all sorts of physical problems being solved by this practice including headaches, backaches, neck pain, limb misalignment, joint-related problems, and so much more.

Energy Field Therapies

Major alternative health services

This alternative health service consists of several different practices, the most popular ones being magnetic field therapy, reiki, and therapeutic touch. Magnetic field therapy involves the use of electrical impulses to adjust body energy and solve different musculoskeletal issues that people face every day. Reiki is also an energy-focused practice that involves channeling the body’s energy through different hand movements. Lastly, therapeutic touch involves using a practitioner’s healing energy to identify and solve different problems and promote self-healing.

Herbal Medicine

There is not a single soul nowadays who is not aware of herbal medicine and its benefits as an alternative health service. In fact, many traditional medicine brands are also using natural herbs in their products these days as more and more research shows its efficacy as a treatment method. It is used to solve a wide range of health problems, including allergies, common illnesses, and so much more. However, you must make sure that the products you are using are proven to work for the specific problems you may face.

Ayurvedic Medicine

With its history going back more than 3000 years to ancient India, Ayurvedic Medicine is an alternative healthcare service that has been practiced for an extremely long time. While people have been using it for all kinds of dietary and medical needs, caution is needed when using them as some ayurvedic medicines seem to contain toxic materials like lead. The research behind this treatment method is limited but it has been in practice for more than three millennia which does say a lot.

Final Word

Every single alternative health service mentioned here is known for its ability to solve at least some kind of problem. After discussing with a competitive practitioner, you may also try them at your discretion and see what benefits they provide you.

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