For those who may be reading this, it is very likely that you are in a position where you are looking for a backup in regards to medical treatment for either yourself or for your little one. All to often, a parent will get a call from school to tell them that their child is sick but they are unable to take the time off work in order to take them to see someone. When this occurs, people may be feeling anxious and frustrated because they simply will be wanting to see someone while they aren’t working.

Furthermore, there are many officers out there who close for two-weeks over the Christmas holiday which means that if someone falls in during this time, they may not have anywhere to go. The good news is that people can put their worries to bed when they learn more about Instant Consult after hours GP clinic. This is a place where people can go for medical advice and attention when everywhere else is shut. As it is so crucial for parents to have backup plans for their little ones (especially for those who have pre-existing conditions) this post will explore the topic more in-depth.

An after hours GP clinic is a place you can go when you are experiencing an emergency that isn’t serious enough to go to the hospital

There are many people all over the world who are currently living with an array of different medical conditions. Each condition is completely individual and some are more serious than others. What is common, however, is that when people have lived with them for a long time, they will likely know exactly how to manage their conditions.

For instance, someone who breaks out in sporadic hives will understand that all they have to do is to take some antihistamines and steroids when they begin to notice symptoms in order to prevent the condition from getting carried away. What can happen, however, is that people will notice symptoms on public holidays or at night and they have recently run out of their medication or their medication has expired. When this does occur, people are able to visit an after hours GP where they are easily able to obtain a script which they can then take to a 24-hour clinic. What people will need to completely understand, however, is that if their condition is even slightly out of the norm, they should instead call an ambulance (thus why it is important to have ambulance cover).

There will likely be an out of pocket fee when you want to visit an after hours GP clinic

While it is so great that people are able to go somewhere when they need to receive medical support when they are not at work, the chances are that there will be a price to pay. When people work at night, they will need to be paid penalty rates as is required by the law. This means that the chances will be very slim that people will be bulk billed when they decide to visit an after hours GP clinic.

Having said this, good businesses should be upfront with what their costs are and usually this information is displayed on their website. If people are ever unsure, however, they can easily contact the business at hand to see what their prices are and to see if there are any rebates available. In conclusion, illnesses don’t tend to wait for business hours making it handy to know of an after hours GP clinic.

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