How Do I Find The Best Hair Salons Near Me

One of the most common questions we receive is “how do I find the best hair salons near me?” So today we’re looking at how to do exactly that.

Start With A Search

It may seem a bit too simple, but starting your search by entering “best hair salons near me” into Google or your preferred search engine is actually the ideal place to start. Note: this won’t be very helpful if you haven’t got location services turned on on the device that you’re searching with, so be sure to do that first. This will provide you with a good starting point of businesses to consider and you can work out who to choose from there.

Decide What Type Of Hairdresser You Need

Hair salons near me

The next thing you need to do is decide what type of hairdresser you’re actually looking to book in with. While it may seem fairly straightforward, hairdressing is an art and as such, stylists will have their own specialities and should be assessed as such.

If I Need Hair Salons Near Me That Just Cut?

If your aim is simply to get a trim or basic cut, you probably don’t need to take your process much further than searching for “best hair salons near me”. Most stylists will happily perform any basic cut you may desire so you can simply look through reviews and imagery and select the option that makes you happiest.

If I Need Hair Salons Near Me That Specialise In Dye?

When you’re looking to change the colour of your hair, however, your search should read more along the lines of “best colouring hair salons near me”. From here, you’ll want to stalk the social accounts of any stylists that appeal to you with a particular focus on before and after images. This will be the best way to get a good idea of the type of results you can expect from the stylist that you end up selecting.

If I Need Hair Salons Near Me That Specialise In Colour Corrections?

Colour corrections are a whole different game. Much like how only specific tattoo artists will do cover ups, you will find that not all stylists are willing to do colour corrections. This is because no matter whether you used a box dye at home and didn’t get the desired colour, or another stylist has made a mistake and could not provide the requested results, colour corrections require different skills and technique to basic colouring. In this instance, we suggest searching for “best colour correcting hair salons near me” and then booking a consultation with any stylists who take your interest. Previous results will not give you an accurate idea of how your colour will turn out in this instance as each situation requires different corrections.

If I Need Hair Salons Near Me That Focus On Alternative Cuts?

Finally, if you’re after a specific style that doesn’t fit in with standard selections, it’s a good idea to hunt down a speciality stylist. For instance, if you want a half fade but the other side medium length, you wouldn’t go to a stylist who specialises in long cuts, and by the same token, you wouldn’t visit a barber if you’re after complex layers. In this situation, much like when you’re hunting someone to give you a fresh colour, it is best to check out a stylist’s social profiles to see what kind of results you can expect.

Hopefully this article has helped to answer the question: how do I find the best hair salons near me – enjoy your new look!

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