A lot of home owners are making the switch to synthetic turf in Sydney because it continues to look green and healthy with very low maintenance. With that being said you still need to keep an eye on your grass to ensure that you get the full lifespan out of your investment. Many people know the basics to care for their lawn that their seller told them but there are some other things that you need to be aware of to ensure that your lawn stays green and lush for the longest amount of time possible.

If you fall into one of the people who has exchanged allergens and high water bills for the ease of synthetic turf in Sydney then continue reading as we have some maintenance tips that can help you out.


Understanding your lawns needs

While synthetic turf in Sydney doesn’t face the same threats of real grass such as weeds, diseases and fungi it does however still require upkeep. Wear and tear in high traffic areas is common especially in environments with harsher weather conditions. Understanding what your lawn needs as well as how to care for it will allow you to get the most of it.


Keep the lush look

Artificial lawns have fake blades which mean they are susceptible to being bent in high traffic areas. Longer blades also tend to bend easier due to how people’s weight interacts with the floor when they are walking. As a general rule you should aim to have your blades around 30mm for the optimal combination of look and durability.

Just because you get the shorter blades doesn’t mean that your grass won’t bend either. You should be raking your grass regularly to get everything standing up nicely. Doing this every other day will ensure that your grass is looking lush every single day.


How to get rid of stains

Life happens and sometimes that ends up being on your synthetic turf in Sydney. Whether someone has dropped their plate of food form the BBQ on the ground or man’s best friend has made his mark on the lawn there are methods to removing any stains that you encounter. To ensure that you don’t experience any long lasting stains you should:

  1. Be prompt and clean up the excess of the spill as soon as possible.
  2. Remove any excess liquids with towels or cat litter.
  3. Rinse the area with water and detergent.
  4. For more serious stains look at using 3 percent ammonia.
  5. Thoroughly rinse out the area with a clean towel and cold water.

How to get rid of pet droppings

Just because you have pets doesn’t mean you have to be frantically following them around every time they go to the bathroom. To effectively remove the droppings let the solid waste dry before you attempt to remove it. Synthetic turf in Sydney is effective at draining liquids so if you want to avoiding having an odor on a patch of your lawn be sure to douse with cold water from a hose.


General upkeep

The rule you should be following for general upkeep of synthetic turf in Sydney is clean, rinse and brush. Pick up any pieces of debris before you rinse the lawn. Use cold water from a hose to remove dust and pollen. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain you will find that you don’t have to rinse it as often. Brushing the lawn with a rake will keep the grass looking fresh and healthy.

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