It is easy to be hesitant to have those much-needed difficult talks with our employees. Employees can sometimes drift from being engaged in our companies to toxic and disruptive. It takes a good leader to not only see when that has happened but to also have the leadership courage to sit down with that employee and get them back on the right track. Delaying that talk is a disservice to the company and that member of our team.

Training and Development.

For people to grow and develop, they need leadership willing to invest time and resources into their future. Putting aside ever-changing technology, they also needs to feel like a team and know that their boss is willing to give them chances to step-up. Any good leader is always willing to cultivate future replacement. To do that, teams needs to learn and practice those skills. Be it one-on-one coaching, mentoring, shadowing, or situations to prove themselves with practical application, a forward-thinking leader is always considering how to lead their staff to the next level.

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