Be whisked away to the island of Bali, or other exotic destination of your dreams, with an indulgent day spa Paddington Sydney experience. Being the multicultural city that it is, you’re spoilt with opportunity to enjoy fragrances, scrubs, massages, and other treats from around the world. Here are just some…


  1. Indoor pools like ancient Roman bath-houses

Cinematic epics and ancient history lessons make it abudantly clear that the Romans liked their baths. Communal bath-houses were a huge part of the culture, whether it be for cleansing rituals, social catch-ups equivalent to going out to dinner, or even a sneaky political campaign.

Feel like you’ve floated pack in time to a balmy bath of a time gone by, as you’re submerged in the indoor pool you can find on offer at a day spa in Paddington Sydney.


  1. Or Japanese Onsen (bath house)

One of the best things about the spa experiences available in Sydney is that they offer the best of both the Western and Eastern worlds. Bathe like a Roman one week, and like the Japanese in traditional hot-springs or pools reminiscent of these. What both cultures have in common, is that spending hours in thermal water is deemed a relaxing and therapeutic use of time.


  1. Unwind with a Thai relaxation massage

Close your eyes and drift off to the beaches of Phuket upon the massage table of a day spa in Paddington Sydney, in an essential oil scented room evoking all sorts of calm.

The Thai massage is another ancient practice that is interwoven with healing and the prevention of illness. It blends yoga poses, acupressure, reflexology and gentle stretching, to help you let go of tensions, and allow the blood and metabolism to flow as they should.


  1. Get in touch with five elements of Chi

Found in China and Japan is this philosophy denoting five elements of the natural world – wood, fire, earth, water, and metal – all of which harmonize the body’s energy. An all-encompassing experience of this is crafted at the day spa in Paddington Sydney, taking you on a lavish journey through salt scrubs, massages, facials, and more.


  1. Sauna and spiced indulgences from Morocco

The ancient Moroccans also had a place for the therapeutic and social value in daily bathing. A common theme is emerging here…

Think tiled rooms, traditional ‘black soap’, desert sand scrubs, heated marble tables to open pores and stimulate circulation, Eastern oils and perfumes, all carefully crafting an exotic Moroccan essence.


  1. A little piece of Bali

And sometimes, you’ll find a frangipani-scented oasis, transporting you to the lush mountains of Ubud, or a luxury beachfront resort on the garden island of Bali. Right from the heart of the city. And guess what? The Balinese have holistic beauty rituals also grounded in a culture that’s centuries old.

Hear the soothing sounds of gently cascading water reminiscent of the waterfalls and rivers that garner the island, as you find yourself treated to aromatic oils from natural sources like the humble coconut.


  1. Did we mention champagne?

Add some bubbly, and indulge in all senses of the word at a day spa in Paddington Sydney.

So there you have it, the modern day spa in Paddington Sydney has influences from a range of ancient cultures from the East and the West. Not only will an experience give you the ultimate chance to relax your mind, body and spirit, but you can take a break from the hustle of the cosmopolitan and escape to another place, and time, for a little while.


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