Your life revolves around sleep. When you get to bed affects how much sleep you get because most of us don’t get a choice about what time we wake up. For those of us living the 9-5 life, where we wake up at 7, go to work and go home to bed, roller blinds have no effect on our sleep. Our body clock has perfected how our body works. We go to sleep at pretty much the same time and, for most of us, we will still wake up at the same time every day with or without something on the window.

However, roller blinds are revolutionary, life changing technology. Once you install these in your house, you will never look back. Your life will be complete. You may have a perfect family, the best job in the world and more money than you know what to do with, but if you didn’t have roller blinds that came down over your windows, then you were nothing, nada, zilch. A worthless nobody.


Much like an alcoholic who gives up alcohol or a gambling addict who has started to stay away from betting shops, the beginning will be the hardest part. You will struggle with change. While you won’t have withdrawal symptoms like the alcoholic or the gambler, you will have times of strife where you doubt if you have made the right decision. Morning after morning and night after night you walk to the window and do the wrong thing. Where there used to be curtains you push or pull at thin air, making yourself look a fool. You doubt whether you can ever come to terms with this monumental shift in window covering and the introduction of these roller blinds

After a while things slowly begin to change, day by day, then week by week until you have nearly forgotten your old life, it is a thing of the past and something that should remain there. Of course, you have the off days, the days where a recovering alcoholic will call their sponsor, you will also need some reassurance that you have done the right thing as well.

You open your preferred search engine and type in Roller blinds, many different websites and adverts appear but to the right is the shop that you ordered from, complete with map, address, telephone number and link to their website. You scroll down a little bit and there they are, the reviews. This will make you feel better about your roller blinds and you are right, it does. Everyone is so positive, gushing even about the technology. Comments such as, “best sleep ever”, “keeps out the light”, “these spell curtains for curtains” jump out among the rest as the more and more you read the happier you become. Falling off the wagon happens, it’s how you react to this that is the important thing.


The roller blinds act as reminder of how far you have come, you remember the days where you’d wake up a few minutes before your alarm because of the light coming in between the wall and the curtains. You could never stop it and it plagued your sleep for years. Your curtains were ugly too, you hated the colours and are much more comfortable with the boring white and beige tones from your new roller blinds.

As the alcoholic lives a quieter life he wonders whether it’s for the best, he goes back to the times of fun but then remembers the times of misery too when nothing went right. Just like that, your life is not quite as unpredictable as when curtains were blocking the light but that’s how you like it.


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