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For most homeowners in the metropolitan area, disposing of old junk can be a major headache. Very few people will have the vehicle required or the time to haul junk off to the correct waste management facilities, especially if they have mixed waste as is often the case with general household waste. A lot of it might be recyclable, some of it organic waste, and some of it might be dangerous building or construction material. Often facilities are a long way away and the costs associated with offloading junk can be high.


There are two options that homeowners and business owners most often consider when trying to get rid of their trash; Skip bin or the leading rubbish removal in Sydney service? Below are some of the pro’s and con’s for both services in the local area.


Skip Bin Rental

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Skip bin rentals usually involved a skip container being dropped off by a truck and picked up again at a lot date. The expectation is that renters will fill up the skip bin by themselves. The skip in business then hauls the items for them and manages the drop-off at appropriate waste management facilities. Generally skip bin services have longer rental periods of a week or so and are good if you need a bit of time to throw items away. They might be appropriate on a building site for example where clean-up needs to happen regularly and consistently to keep the area safe. They usually have a weight limit, so if overfilled there can be additional charges.

The great thing about skip bin services is that they tend to be efficient in pick-up and drop-off and require little organisation in terms of onsite quotes. As long as you are adhering to the list of waste allowable by the company you should be ok, although they may not accept all kind of waste – dangerous materials like asbestos for example usually can’t be thrown in as it would contaminate the other materials and requires special handling although some services will accept it for an additional rate.

Skip bins can be highly affordable options with the average cost being roughly $75 per cubic square metre. In many areas of the metropolitan area where space can be at a premium, skip bins can present a bit of a problem. They might be a great option on larger building sites but if you’re requiring rubbish removal in Sydney’s inner city area’s or in suburban neighbourhoods where other residents might complain of the eyesore then a skip bin might not be the best choice for you. If you need to place the bin on public property, then the time and cost of a permit might quickly outweigh any of the benefits of a skip bin.  If this might be an issue for you, than you may want to consider a local service offering rubbish removal in Sydney instead.


Rubbish removal in Sydney

Rubbish removal services in Sydney are efficient, convenient and don’t require permits. These services do all the work for you. Unlike skip bins which require you to still lift or throw away the heavy junk, rubbish removalist’s in Sydney will take away all the trash, clean up and manage the transport and sorting of the rubbish. Many reputable services will even manage recycling and reclaim as many materials as possible. If you have items that are too large or wastes that are hazardous to remove by yourself, than these services can be your best option. They often offer same day service and can remove large amount of trash in minimal time, so if time is an issue, this will be a better choice than a skip bin service.

In the end, the choice between skip bin or rubbish removal in Sydney comes down to your needs and requirements for disposal.

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