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Early childhood education can be a scary experience for both toddlers and their parents as it presents one of the first major times they will be separated. For parents, it involves trusting strangers to care for their precious little ones while for children it’s an intimidating new experience where they will have to get used to not being the absolute centre of attention.

As scary as it may seem, it’s ultimately extremely beneficial for your child to have this experience for several important reasons. If you live in and around Melbourne, then there are a lot of great benefits to enrolling your child in a preschool in Delahey.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest benefits of enrolling your child in a preschool in Delahey.


The practical utility of childcare

The first and most obvious benefit of enrolling your child in a Delahey preschool is the actual day-care your child receives. With this kind of direct and professional supervision it gives you peace of mind knowing that your child is in safe hands while you’re at work or running errands throughout the day.

This is great for busy parents who don’t want to have to sacrifice time in their career to supervise their child from 9 to 5. It enables parents to use their time as efficiently as possible without jeopardizing the supervision, safety and natural learning of their child.


The educational benefit of early childhood education

piling cubes for childrenA preschool in Delahey will be more than just a place that your child is supervised while you’re busy, it’s a place where your child will actively learn things and engage with the sights and smells of their world in a safe environment.

Early childhood education has come a long way over the years and this kind of advanced education can be found at a preschool in Delahey. The educators working at this kind of centre are qualified experts not only in childcare but the highly involved practice of early childhood education.

In essence, early childhood education isn’t like the regular kind of curriculum you would find at a public school. Even kindergarten classes are considered rather narrow in their approach to training children to do well in the current educational paradigm.

The kind of early childhood education your child would experience in a preschool in Delahey is all about slowly introducing them to core concepts they need to succeed later in life. Basic skills like sharing, cooperation, respect and self-care are all addressed via early childhood education.

Another big part of early childhood education is preparing your child for academia so that when they start kindergarten they have a slight edge over their peers. This is because your child will be given basic reading and literary skills that will set them up for success in current school curriculums.


The social benefit of playing with other children

Another obvious but important benefit of enrolling your child in a preschool in Delahey is the social experience they will get by interacting and playing with other children around their age. While you can always organize play dates with the children of friends and family members – there’s something unique about placing your child in a public social context.

It’s important because it teaches your child that throughout life they will need to navigate social situations where they don’t get to choose their company beforehand but will need to meet and cooperate with a diverse range of other people. A preschool in Delahey presents a safe and highly supervised environment where children are encouraged to interact with one another and form basic relationships.

Within a week of attendance your child will have naturally developed a sense of who their friends are, who they tolerate and who they don’t really like. It’s not expected for all children to get along and that’s why supervisors are there to prevent serious altercations, but disagreement and arguments are expected and this is a chance for children to learn basic skills in transcending their emotions for the sake of getting through a social situation.


The benefit of learning basic life skills

Another reason to send your child to preschool in Delahey is that they will get to learn about some basic skills that everyone needs to succeed in life. This can range from basic conflict resolution to learning how to go to the bathroom.

These skills are things that you will already be teaching your child at home but will be reinforced at the preschool in Delahey that they attend. Practice makes perfect and a childcare centre is a safe, nurturing environment where your child will be able to quickly become highly competent for their age, making caring for them in your home a lot easier.

Overall, sending your child to a childcare centre that specialises in early childhood education is well worth the investment.


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