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With the pandemic pushing people towards online work environment, traditional activities, especially those related to teamwork, have become virtually nonexistent. However, people started to realize the drawbacks of such a situation and started actively promoting online team building activities. Some of these worked and some failed. However, the effort did turn out to be worthwhile and people got real benefit from these activities. After about a year or so of observation, we are sharing the best online team building activities that you can introduce to your team.

Escape Room Games

There is a huge influx of escape room games these days where people work as a team to solve some problem. One of the most popular types is the heist-style escape room in which a team steals a priceless treasure before the time runs out. This has quickly become one of the most popular online team building activities currently being played and the collaboration it requires really pushes team members to align with each other and work together. There are several alternative versions of the game as well and each of them brings together your team in a virtual environment.

Building a Storyline

This is a popular game that we also used to play as kids and now it has become a great way of aligning team members with each other. The target is to create a coherent story where each team member contributes a small part of the story and then the next person continues it using their own imagination. The best thing about such online team building activities is that there is no wrong answer, and you can set your imagination free while also trying to be coherent with your teammates. This type of activity is great for mental development and promoting teamwork.

The Perfect Vacation

This is one of the most effective online team building activities when it comes to developing a bond between team members. Everyone would talk about their dream vacation to a partner (coworker) if they had unlimited money. The colleague needs to listen to the story that they describe and then describe it to others in the best possible way. This tests the person’s listening abilities and gives them a chance to bond with the person whose story they are listening to.

Never Have I Ever

This game is popular as one of the most relaxing online team building activities and as a general fun activity. While things could get quite personal with the right group, you can keep it E-rated and ask people to share things with their coworkers. You can also come up with a 5-point scoring system and each positive answer loses a point. The person who has points remaining at the end is the winner. Of course, this is not a competition and only a way to let the team members engage with each other.

Murder Mystery

Another widely played game that is already established among the best online team building activities is a murder mystery. In this activity team members get to solve a murder and they need to examine case files, clues, and other evidence. Everyone is a detective, and the team members need to collaborate to solve the case before time runs out. It encourages teamwork, communication, and analytical thinking in team members and allows them to know each other better.

All the activities shared here are popular as effective online team building activities. However, they are only a few of the countless things that people are doing these days. In fact, you could also use your imagination to come up with an activity that you think would benefit your team the most.

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