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The digital world has created a huge amount of opportunities for people engaged in creative pursuits. One area it has drastically changed is printing. The evolution of software and its connectivity via the internet to online printing devices has made printing services easier and more accessible. Online printing is thus a whole new realm that has been created due to this technological advancement. Let’s take a look at some top tips to consider when you next begin printing online.


Set your machine properly

Before you begin your search for printing services that offers online printing, it is important that you ensure your machine is compatible with your computer and its software.

Make sure that if you are using a Mac for example, that the machine you use is designed to work optimally with Mac operating systems. The same applies for Windows products.



Check your software’s online printing settings

No matter what form of software or digital platform you use to design on, it is crucial that you calibrate its settings to suit the medium and media you are using. Some of these settings include

  • Page size – ensure the computer knows what page size you will be using. This helps it to allocate ink and border settings. Having the right page size will prevent any parts of the image being cut out or made too small.
  • Paper type – This is where you specify the weight and texture of the paper. This helps the machine and computer to know how much ink and saturation is needed. Different paper types will take longer to process. For example, heavy paper weights will take a lot longer than smoother thin paper.
  • Paper source – this specifies where in the machine the paper will be coming from. For example there are different trays in the machine the paper can be fed from. There is also the option of manually feeding the paper. These need to be specified when online printing as they help to optimize the quality of the process.
  • Page scaling – this tells the machine how large the image should be projected onto the page. Options include actual size, scale or fit.


Test it on plain paper

Before dedicating a whole sheet of expensive professional quality paper to a copy, it is recommended that you test out your online printing settings on a sheet of plain paper in order to see if the sizing and border settings are correct. This can save you a huge amount of money as it limits the amount of good paper that is subject to setting error.


Use a humidifier to prevent clogs

If you are using an inkjet machine for your online printing, there is a high chance that you have or will experience nozzle clogs. Clogs can ruin entire works that are in your machine by spilling too much or too little ink onto the page. This can waste paper, time and money. In order to prevent clogs, there is evidence that using a machine in a humid environment will result in smoother nozzle operation. An easy way to prevent these clogs is to install a humidifier in the room; this should ensure that there is less chance of the nozzles and inkjets drying out.


Get rid of unneeded software and installments

A lot of online printing system will come with pre-installed software that is usually not very good and/or not used very often. Some of this software includes utility checks for updates to graphics or design programs. While these may seem like nice options to have, they can slow down your software and machine considerably. Consider clearing out any of this unused software in order to get optimal results.


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