A call centre with customer service representatives is a bustling and busy environment where there is a great deal of activity.

Even in off-peak periods, many outlets will find high demand for a service or product as the business attempts to appease, manage and investigate issues.

Workers come and go and professionals shift up and down the corporate ladder, so how can a brand ensure that the practices and activities that underpin performance remain constant?

With the introduction of Busylight software, operators and managers can achieve a degree of efficiency that is hard to create organically.

Here we will open a discussion on the benefits of this application within this setting of the commercial sector, outlining why it is so popular amongst organisations within Australia.


Cut Down on Missed Calls

You don’t need a Masters in mathematics to understand this simple equation – missed calls = lost business. The Busylight program works to notify employees in real time that they are receiving a call, either at their desk or through a portable application that informs them directly. A well run department in this instance will have an apparatus that places callers on hold if they cannot speak with a representative right then and there, informing them of their expected wait time and explaining where they are in the cue.


Coordinate with Departments

No two departments are identical in the world of customer service as some specialists will deal with billing, others with technical faults and some general operators that can switch between one issue to the next. With the assistance of the Busylight software program, companies can synchronise these outlets and send one specialist to one incoming call to provide clarity and priority.


Customise for the Brand

There will be universal lights and signals that indicates one status or another, such as green for on for red for off. with the advent of Busylight software, outlets can change and switch the colour coding and noise levels according to their own requirements. Here is where the brand has full control over a system that can be altered depending on the environment that is at play.


Noise Levels Low

Anyone who has been called up by a telemarketing company or has been on the phone with a customer service desk operator with loud background noise knows the feeling. It can be difficult to decipher what is being said and asked, and all you want to do is end the call as soon as possible. With a Busylight software program, these departments can minimize the noise to ensure that loud calls are not ringing out across the premises. This will help the quality of each conversation between the representative and the client on the other end of the call.


Logging and Assessing Personal Performance

Every customer service centre will have their internal key performance indicators (KPIs) that employees have to meet and with the introduction of Busylight software, these targets can be assessed in real time. Analysts and managers who run an assessment of these employees have to understand if the calls are being optimised as the discussion has to progress from one phase to the next. If these discussions are being cut too short or extending too long, that is company time that could be better used elsewhere. Managers in the upper echelons of the hierarchy will find this program more than useful to test the performance of operators in real time.



The greater the advancement in customer service technology, the stronger the reliance will be on software programs such as Busylight. This will be the new standard across the board as companies that drop out and create noise on calls will quickly lose business. Implement this application to have that efficiency you desperately require.


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