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Your local Italian restaurant is probably not renowned for being a ‘healthy’ eating establishment when weighed against more modern locations in the inner city.

From sushi centres, cafes and vegetarian outlets that love to promote themselves as the ideal place for healthy conscious consumers, they appear to have stolen a march on what constitutes eating the right way for your health.

However, it is important to know that these establishments are not all pizza and pasta, although they are menu items that continue to see the crowds flocking in their thousands each and every weekend, specifically the yummy pizza in Newtown.

Outside of the major fast food delivery chains that have given some of these locations a bad name, they do offer plenty of cuisine choice for visitors who want to look after their waistline without compromising on taste and quality.


Freshly Cooked Meals – Not Processed

With the inclusion of olive oils that lowers cholesterol to wholegrains that are rich in nutrients, your local Italian restaurant make a point of cooking and preparing meals fresh and in real time. By sourcing nearby ingredients that can be found right across the bay at the markets, there is no processing that is evident with fast food chains. Authentic outlets will throw in freshly sourced onions, citrus fruits and spinach to compliment a dish and make them a main staple. Of course this creates a healthy alternative, but the authentic product also happens to taste better as a result.


Seafood Menu Items

Dieticians will usually recommend at least one seafood dish a week as it helps people monitoring their cholesterol levels. There are pizzas, risottos and pastas that will have a portion of tuna, mussels and salmon included. This is one of the key reasons why your local Italian restaurant will be a healthy eating option as it will provide an array of menu items that are freshly cooked and packed with nutrients for a functioning diet.


Packed With Fiber and Antioxidants

Almost any dish that will be ordered at a table with your local Italian restaurant will include a degree of fiber and antioxidants that might not be evident from first glance. With items including arancini, bruschetta, freshly made pasta, risotto, ribollita, panzenella and lasagna, they will be rich in fruits, nuts, vegetables and breads that satisfy cravings whilst working towards a sustainable diet. Customers can also make their personal requests should there be ingredients that are not conducive to their own personal requirements.


Rich in Tomatoes


Booking in a table at your local Italian restaurant will open up a world of possibilities for the finest dishes, many of which are complimented with tomatoes. From the base of the pizza to the toppings itself or the delicious bruschetta options that are tipped off with spices, garlic and, cheeses and herbs, the tomato fruit is a great source of vitamin C that we all need in our diet. Not only does it work towards healthy bone structure but it also includes vitamin K to combat blood clotting. Either as a pasty spread or as a chief item on breads and within pasta, a rich tomato inclusion in the ingredients of meals makes Italian cuisine a healthy option.



Like any cuisine choice, making a visit to your locally loved Italian restaurant should not be an every night event, but reserved for special occasions and when those pizza and pasta cravings grab you. What should be dismissed out of hand is visitors who opt for other choices based on what is healthy and what is not. There is plenty of choice on the menu where that factor is not compromised, as guests can fill their bellies and enjoy a delicious meal without fearing for the consequences the next day.


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